[2.6.5] Speed ??Cache 2.6.4  Nulled cache management for Joomla

[2.6.5] Speed ??Cache 2.6.4 Nulled cache management for Joomla

Speed ??Cache is an extension of Joomla! Joomla has its own cache and Gzip compression system, which is good, but Speed ??Cache will be a natural improvement on the Joomla page cache system with high performance and improved features. Speed ??Cache improves powerful static page caching compatible with user sessions, a full browser caching system, preset caching system, URL inclusion cache control and resource group minimization.
Speed Cache – Joomla Performance Extension
To be more specific Speed Cache brings: a powerful static page caching, compatible with user sessions, a full browser cache system, a preloading cache system, URL inclusion cache control and resources group minification. Some handy tools are also part of the extension like the activation for logged in/logout users, an auto-index for caching URLs and an automatic cache cleaner on specified actions. Everything is under control from the Speed Cache dashboard.
The Joomla Speed Optimization, Live
Speed Cache is the only extension that offers a global optimization in a single membership: Joomla Optimization + Image Compression + Speed Testing. Furthermore as our memberships are not limited by domain, you can run the same top notch optimization on all your websites!
Powerful Cache System and Browser Caching
 Plus, you have the possibility to store the major part of the heavy page resources (like images) in the browser cache. And you can clean it when you want!
Speed Up with Targetted Cache System
Include single URLsExclude single URLsInclude from cache a set of URLs based on rules (regular expressions included)Exclude from cache a set of URLs based on rules (regular expressions included)Per URL define: Activate cache for public and/or for registered usersPer URL define: Preload cache URLs for public and/or registered usersPer URL activate the cache preloading per userLoad module in AJAX with cache auto refreshDynamic Elements in Cache
Speed Cache generates static cache file per Joomla user then it also works for dynamic content (like form, sessions..)Not sure about it? no problem, there’s an option for each page URL to include/exclude logged in users from the cacheYou can also preload cache per user right after a clean cacheClean all Cache and Regenerate It
You can also regenerate all caches right after cleaning it, so no one will wait for the cache generation anymore. The cache proloading can be done for all the loggedin users, by user or by URL.
Resources Group, Minification & Defer Loading
Group, minify and defer the loading of all JS filesGroup, minify and defer the loading of all CSS filesGroup FontsPossibility to activate each setting separatelyImage Compression and Lazy Loading
Image Compression: Apply an invisible image compression and reduce image size by up to 80% (by ImageRecycle)Lazy loading: Load only images when it’s visible in the by user (on scroll)Lazy loading: Progressive loading with loading effectLazy loading: Inclusion and Exclusion by URL, URL rules, image sizeContent Delivery Network (CDN) Included
CDN are serving website images, JS, CSS… files from a local server to your users all over the world. Furthermore, as image compression and lazy loading are included in SpeedCache, media loading time will have a really small impact on performance.
Mobile Cache and Per Device
Automatically serve same cache for all devicesDedicated cache for tabletDedicated cache for tabletOption to disable cache for a specified deviceSpeedCache vs. Joomla Speed Optimizatio
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