[3.4.1] Docman 3.4.0 NULLED  file archive component for Joomla

[3.4.1] Docman 3.4.0 NULLED file archive component for Joomla

Docman 3.4.0 is the next update of the indispensable and well-known component for creating file archives on the Joomla site. It is an intuitive and convenient control panel with which you can easily upload and manage files, assign access rights, monitor download statistics, hide direct download links, choose a template for displaying a file archive on a site, and much more. 
Powerful add-ons
Salesforce pardot
Lead generation with DOCman using Salesforce Pardot has never been simpler thanks to this plugin. Capture leads with the forms you created with Pardot or use Pardot’s Form Handler to display our built-in customizable form.
The form is displayed when a user tries to download a document. Download will start after the user has successfully submitted the Form.
The Leads plugin displays a simple form when a visitor wants to download a document. The download will start after the visitor submits the form.
DOCman Notify is a plugin that sends notification emails to document owners, category owners and document groups about changes in those documents and categories that they manage.
Documents module
The Documents module shows a list of published documents.
DOCman Limit is a plugin capable of limiting the number of downloads of published documents for logged in users. This plugin requires our LOGman extension to be installed to be able to count and limit the downloads.
The plugin allows you to set both the number of downloads to allow and the days (interval) to count the download per user.
The DOCman License plugin optionally presents a custom ‘terms of use’ which users must accept before they can download the file.
Simply add your licensing text to an article. Then, in the plugin configuration, select that article and the DOCman menu items for which this license will be shown before the download commences.
Categories module
The Categories module shows a list of published categories.
Your DOCman files can be encrypted on your server thanks to this plugin. Encryption happens automatically on upload while decryption happens seamlessly on download.
The plugin uses Rijndael 128bit encryption algorithm. This algorithm was selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the candidate for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Connect features
Connect features are only available for Business and Agency subscribers.
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