[5.9] Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled  WordPress Affiliate Program v.5.8

[5.9] Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled WordPress Affiliate Program v.5.8

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled is the newest and most complete Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allow you provide a premium platform for your Affiliates with different rewards and amount based on Ranks or special Offers.
You can turn on your Website into a REAL business and income machine where you just need to sit down and let the others to work for you!
Each Affiliate can creates his own marketing Campaign and brings more Affiliates via the “Multi-Level-Marketing” strategy.
Depends of your design you can use one of the predefined Templates for Login, cutting of the additional Links and the Remember Me option.
Also, for special desires, a Custom CSS is available, so any Template can be customized.
Besides the Predefined Templates, all Fields are customizable being able to change Labels, Order and Required Conditions.
For additional purpose, Unlimited No. of Fields can be added in different type with other great options like Password Strength, a Capcha Verification or TOS validate condition.
Vertical or Horizontal Menu is available for Account Page. There are more than 15 Menu options with different pages available into Account Page. Different sections, from Profile, Marketing to Reports are customizable and ready to help your Affiliates for a better approach.
Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled Demo

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled 5.7 Download
ultimate-affiliate-pro-nulled-download-v.5.7.zipultimate-affiliate-pro-nulled-download-v.5.7.zipultimate-affiliate-pro-nulled-download-v.5.7.zipultimate-affiliate-pro-nulled-download-v.5.7.zipUltimate Affiliate Pro Nulled 5.8 Download


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