Mirasvit Health & Performance Monitoring Suite v.1.0.4_39708 Nulled M2

Mirasvit Health & Performance Monitoring Suite v.1.0.4_39708 Nulled M2

Extension monitors code and configuration changes of your store automatically and notifies you if these changes negatively affect the key store indicators.

In other words, if you changed anything and, either your store began to work slower, or, suddenly, new errors occurred – the extension will quickly report you about it.

  • Changes monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • PageSpeed Score monitoring
  • PHP errors monitoring
  • JavaScript errors monitoring
  • Cronjob monitoring
  • 404 errors monitoring

When you need this extension:

  • you’re using third-party extensions, which quality is not assured
  • you’re using free-of-charge or unsupported extensions
  • you are not controlling changes, that are made to source code, templates, scripts, etc.

What benefits will you receive:

  • possibility to control all changes
  • automatic notification about errors
  • performance monitoring.

Feature Highlights of Health & Performance Monitoring Suite Nulled

Changes Monitoring

The extension automatically monitors code, other extensions and configuration changes of your store.

Unlike other monitoring tools (such as New Relic) our extension considers all performance indicators and errors in connection with changes.

Therefore, it is very easy to determine, which exactly change caused a detected issue.

After each significant change, the extension creates a new configuration snapshot and compares key indicators with the previous version.

Extension monitors the following changes on a store:

  • New extension installation
  • An extension upgrade
  • Essential changes in extensions (observers, plugins, database schema)
  • Changes in cache configuration
  • Changes on list of displayed blocks
  • Global changes in configuration (theme, etc)
  • Magento update
  • Changes in environment configuration (PHP version, MySQL version, Magento root directory, etc)

Performance Monitoring

For each configuration snapshot, the extension automatically monitors key health indicators and compare with the previous version.

Extension monitors the following magento 2 performance indicators:

  • Page Generation Time
  • User Time (TTFB)
  • Page Cache Coverage Rate

Errors Monitoring

Extension monitors the following Magento 2 errors:

  • Various PHP errors: 500 Internal Server Error, Backend Fetch Failed Error, Fatal Error, Uncaught Error, Uncaught Exception
  • Database errors
  • JavaScript errors
  • Cron Job Errors

Conflict Detector

Extension automatically checks possible class rewrites conflicts and alert you.

Generation Time and User Time

Extension monitors Time To First Byte (TTFB) and User Time (Page Load Time) for key pages:

  • home page
  • catalog pages
  • search results pages
  • account page
  • shipping cart page
  • checkout page

Generation Time (Time to First Byte) is the time that needs your server to handle a request and return page for the end-user.

Page Load Time is the time that needs a user for download content of the page in the browser (including images, styles, javascript, fonts).

This metric is more important and widely than TTFB.

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