Nulled Frontend / Backend Single Sign On SAML

Add SAML Single Sign-On support to the customer login page or/and to the backend login page for Magento2. If you are working with a partner that has implemented a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) identity provider, you can use this extension to interoperate with it, thereby enabling SSO for customers. It works with any IDP providers, including OneLogin, Okta, Ping Identity, ADFS, Salesforce, SharePoint. The module was implemented by Sixto Martin, author of 15+ SAML plugins and several SAML toolkits. Customers are happy with the SAML extension I made and with the support received. Companies like Cisco, Erickson, Toyota, Hilton, PWC trusted in the SAML extension.
The extension adds a link, “Login via Identity provider” to the customer login form or/and to the backend login page.. Following this links initiates series of redirects that are described by SAML 2.0 standardCustomer authenticates against the SAML Identity Provider and then information about user, group and address is sent to Magento. Magento authenticate customer and let him in. Similar happens with users on the backend.
Other usages
Extension supports IdP-Initiated so a SAML Response can be directly processed by the Magento instance.
Allow to Login via any Identity Provider.Easily switch On/Off the SAML Module.Supports Single Sign On (IdP and SP initiated)Supports Single Log Out (IdP and SP initiated)Supports Just-In-Time Provisioning (user data + group + address)Possibly set the mapping between IdP fields and Magento fields.Customizable workflow.Supports Magento Multi-stores.Documented settingsNulled Frontend / Backend Single Sign On SAML Download

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