WP Social Ninja Pro by WP Manage Ninja v3.8.0

WP Social Ninja is the best AIO & modern social media plugin for your WordPress website
Make the most out of your Social Channels with WP Social Ninja
WPManageNinja brings to you the most efficient WordPress social tool that fetches social feeds, user reviews, and social chat widgets to your website. It’s like a social swiss knife inside your WordPress admin panel.

Social Reviews
It is a fantastic multifunctional plugin that automatically imports social reviews from numerous social sites.

Social Feeds
Displays real-time social feeds regularly on your website feed to let your visitors know more about your business.

Social Chat
Offers messenger chat options to your WordPress website visitors for 24/7 support to get in touch.

Download WP Social Ninja Pro by WP Manage Ninja v3.8.0

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