Yoast SEO Premium Nulled v.14.8.1 Free Download

Yoast SEO Premium Nulled v.14.8.1 Free Download

Yoast Seo Changelog v14.7
August 5th, 2020


Improves the algorithm used for generating internal linking suggestions, taking the relative frequency of the prominent words in your content into account.
Enables internal linking suggestions for all languages.
Adds internal linking support for terms. Terms can now be suggested as internal linking suggestions for posts.
Adds a label to the internal linking suggestions, indicating the post type or taxonomy name of the suggested post or term.
Changes the description of the site-wide internal linking analysis on the SEO tools page to better describe when it should be used.
Sets the minimum amount of words before generating prominent words to 100 words.
Notifies the user to add a meta description and title to get better internal linking suggestions by a message above the internal linking suggestions.
Adds recognition of common irregular plural nouns (e.g., uomo – uomini) and adjectives (e.g., ampio – ampli) in Italian.
Adds recognition of common irregular diminutives in Italian, such as nouns (e.g., ovetto – uovo), adjectives (e.g., dolciastro – dolce), and verbs (e.g., scribacchiare – scrivere).
Improves word form recognition of Russian nouns with stems that have endings similar to noun case suffixes (e.g., сиптом, гром, запах).
Improves keyword recognition of Russian irregular plurals.
Improves stemming of common irregular verbs in French (e.g., connusse, suiviez).
Improves recognition of several French first person plural verb forms with suffix -ons (not -ions), e.g. aimons, aidons, oisons, aerons.
Compatibility with WordPress 5.5: makes sure Yoast internal linking blocks are searchable, have examples and a description.

Enables tracking when activating premium. Previously tracking was always on. It can now be disabled in the configuration wizard.
Includes every change in Yoast SEO core 14.7. See the core changelog.

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  • Stale cornerstone content filter
  • Support

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